Choosing The Right Lawyer For Your Motoring Case

If you’re challenged by a car charge that you would like to contest, taking your primary steps into the world of car law can be intimidating. You may be puzzled by the odd terms, procedures and practices that go along with combating a case. One of your first questions may be: exactly what’s the difference between a solicitor and a barrister, and which one is better suited to assist me combat my case?

This post addresses this typical point of confusion and will assist you decide which type of legal representative is best for your requirements.

Exactly what’s the difference between a lawyer and a barrister?
Traditionally, when individuals are looking for legal suggestions, they’ll employ the services of a solicitor. Normally used in private firms, solicitors work if you’re having trouble determining and constructing your case. They can recommend you on the strengths and weak points of your case, suggest your chances of success and, if they are a lawyer specialising in motoring law, offer expert recommendations on the intricacies of the charge you’re dealing with. Solicitors can likewise draft legal documents, work out in your place or represent you in magistrates’ and county courts. However, they can not represent you in higher courts, unless they have actually taken a qualification to be a solicitor-advocate.

Lawyers specialise in advocacy, meaning they have higher experience and knowledge presenting cases in court. They likewise have the right of representation to higher courts if the case goes that far. Generally, lawyers are used by solicitors to represent their clients’ cases in court. Nevertheless, following current changes, members of the public can work with lawyers directly without using the solicitor as a middle man, assisting to minimize expenses. Lawyers can likewise offer specialist legal guidance although, unlike lawyers, they cannot help you construct a case.

Which one should I choose?
Your choice of lawyer will depend upon a variety of elements. If you’re not sure of ways to construct your case or your chances of success, it’s best to speak with a solicitor. They can assist you to construct a case which they then pass on to a barrister to provide in court. Going to a lawyer directly is not a smart idea if you’re clueless about motoring law.

If you’re trying to keep down costs, however, employing a lawyer can be pricey. Not only will you probably need to employ an additional lawyer eventually, but solicitors generally have a greater per hour rate. If you are confident about your case and have actually marshalled the evidence and arguments in your favour, engaging a lawyer to provide it in court may be a cost-effective method to fight the case.

Eventually, your choice might come down to the complexity of your case. If you’re struggling with the details, the additional expenditure of working with a lawyer might simply help you to win the case. If you have some experience with law, though, you may favour an easier, more direct method.

Jonathan Wilkins is a motoring defence lawyer from #1 Motoring Solicitors operating in England and Wales who specialises in defending clients dealing with charges of speeding, drink driving and utilizing smart phone while driving.